The RSA Youth Award for Innovation is designed for young people who want to achieve something new for themselves and their communities. The Award will help to put project ideas involving groups of young people with their supporters into action.

Every day, stories about disadvantaged young people, rising street crime and educational failure hit the headlines. It makes for dismal reading. The Award provides the opportunity to challenge and combat the accumulating, negative perceptions of young people’s attitudes and capacities.

The Mayor of Barking and Dagenham tries on a handmade hat from the Paris Project at the Award celebrations, May 2012


Past winners have demonstrated what young people can achieve. Projects have included:

Making a video – Mother Britain – that incorporates poetry and free running on the subject of what being British means to young people – Twisted Tongues/Words Apart from Barnet

Use of the performing arts and creative schemes to improve confidence of young carers in making positive contributions to their community – Fishing Rod Experience, Redbridge

Developing a business enterprise around knitting and selling handmade hats – The Paris Project in Newham

Organising squad teams of young people as a social enterprise to help with community support tasks, including a flash mob to clean up after the summer 2011 riots – Lifeline in Barking and Dagenham

Working with young immigrants on barriers and issues through using creative arts – The Refugee Council

  • If you are a young person looking at this page, do you want to show that you have a positive role to play and can achieve great things for yourself and others?
  • Or do you want to be a supporter of these citizens of the future: to encourage and challenge them to discover what they can achieve?


Browse these pages to find out what the RSA London Region Awards for Innovation offers groups of young people and how you can get involved.

The Royal Society of Arts London Region
……announces an annual award for innovation
 in youth provision in London

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (RSA) London Youth Awards are financial awards to help groups of young people realise projects that they themselves have devised. The Awards are for projects in any area of London. They are open to young people aged between 12 and 19 years with an upper age limit of 25 years for young people with disabilities. In any one phase we may disburse two or three awards. The maximum award for any one project is usually £2,500.


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